From planning a Google Ads campaign to selecting relevant keywords / negative keywords to writing compelling ad copy to targeting the right audience to calculating your ad budget and ROI that you want to do efficiently, involve a lot of tasks.

This is where our FREE online marketing tools can come to your rescue. Dgency's PPC tools, including Ad Preview Tool, Ads Budget Calculator, Ads ROI Calculator, Keywords Match Tool, Negative Keywords Tool, Keywords Merge Tool, Convert Text Case can help digital marketers to become more productive and efficient.

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Google Search Ad Preview

Create and visualize great-looking Google expanded search ads. Impress your clients/boss with creative search ad screenshots. You can do both download and share the Google search ad link for future use. It's cool.

Google Ads Budget Calculator

A well-planned Google Ads budget calculation is an essential part of being successful with Google Ads. Use this PPC ad budget calculator to plan your Google Ads budget and build your PPC campaign strategy.

Google Ads ROI Calculator

Enter all required digital marketing metrics and play with the values to see how you can improve the results and profitability of your Google Ads campaign. This PPC ROI calculator can show you both current and future ROI.

Keywords Match Tool

Our easy to use keyword match type tool is perfect for properly organize your Google Ads search campaigns. Insert your keywords and get instantly converted keywords with broad, modified, phrase, and exact match.

Negative Keywords Tool

Insert all search terms to easily separate negative words that don't fit with your product or service. Copy them and paste them into the negative keyword section of your Google search and Microsoft search campaign.

Keywords Merge Tool

Combine keywords easily for Google Search campaign and SEO. Insert your keywords in the boxes, pick your match type, and click the button. Get all the possible keyword combinations with your chosen match type.

Convert Text Case

Easily convert text between different letter cases: Title Case, lower case, UPPER CASE, Sentence case, Capitalized Case for all your digital marketing purposes. Copy the text you want to convert and select your setting.

Googole Ads Sample

See Google Display Ad samples to learn more about how our team create and design creative display ads that showcase the key selling points with the right images and messaging to capture target audience’s attention.

Google Ads Specification

Learn the required information about Google Display Ads creation - all ad sizes, popular sizes, HTML5 ads, GIF animated ads, responsive ads, content policy compliance, and factors crucially impacting your efficiency.